Healthcare Made Easy

You can be part of the solution to our health care crisis.

Fifty years ago, very few businesses were open after 10 pm. Now, we live in a fast paced, 24 hour a day world. But most people still have the same 40 hour a week access to medical professionals that they had 50 years ago. Not because they can’t afford it, but because they don’t know they have a choice.

There are some services that are so value added, that  people are willing to pay for them, even though they may never have to use the service. For example, security monitoring services, roadside assistance, product waranties, and many types of insurance.

They all have one thing in common. They all offer peace of mind, knowing that if the unexpected does happen to you, your property or your family, you have a plan.

There is another service available that is so valuable and affordable, that no household should be without it, because it fills a void in our healthcare system.

As the short video above explains, CADR+ (Consult a Doctor Plus) concierge telemedicine services provides a much needed “facelift” to our current healthcare system. Having a “doctor on call” is something every household needs. Especially in the 24/7 world we live in today. Your health is nothing to gamble with. You may develop a minor symptom that you may just shrug off as part of getting old. But, what if it is also an indication of something more serious?

Now you can get professional medical advice, any time, any where in the United States, by just calling a toll free number. At work, at home, on vacation, it doesn’t matter.

Forget about taking off work to go see a doctor. CADR+ has a network of registered nurses and certified doctors all over the country, ready to assist you, when ever you need them.

Give your family the peace of mind they deserve. No matter where they go in the United States, no matter what time, each household member can get medical advice when they need it by just calling a toll free number.




Telemedicine and Allergies


Telemedicine can be your answer to avoiding costly trips to ER.  It can be hard to know, when during non-life threatening emergencies, if home treatment can fix your ailment or if you need to be seen by a medical professional.   Allergies can come with symptoms that might make you think you’re really sick.

If you could just ask a doctor about your symptoms.  Well, withtelemedicine you can.  Telemedicine can provide that assurance by giving you easy access to medical advice of board certified doctors and registered nurses.  Members have unlimited access to nationwide medical professionals every day of the year any time of the day. Many times, allergies can typically be treated at home.  Get information on how to avoid allergies and when you should see a medical professional.  Consider telemedicine for other emergencies that aren’t life-threatening, but that require the advice of a medical professional.


Many Americans, at least one out of every 5 suffer from allergies.  Common triggers are foods like nuts or lactose.  Other allergies may be due to the season.  Grass, weeds, tree pollen, and various molds can all cause allergies.  Even animals, like Fluffy and Fido can cause misery inducing symptoms.  Itchy eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, itchy throat, and rashes are all symptoms of allergies.


There are many over-the-counter medications for allergies if an allergy attack strikes.  But, there is also a lot you can do to avoid an allergy attack in the first place.  Read through the list of ways to avoid allergies.

  • If you’re allergic to pollen, keep windows closed and use air conditioning.
  • Cover vents with cheesecloth which can filter pollen.  Make sure air filters and air ducts are cleaned annually.
  • Avoid using fans, which can stir up settled dust.
  • If possible, keep humidity below 50%, to prevent the growth of mold. Install dehumidifiers in parts of the house that stay more humid, like a basement.
  •  If you have pets, consider keeping them outside.  Otherwise, do not let pets on furniture or your bed.  Bathe your pet regularly.
  • Steer clear of areas where mold collects.  These areas include: basements, crawl-spaces, garages, and barns.
  • Use mold-inhibiting and killing solutions on your shower curtains and bathroom tile.
  • Mold growth can happen in the soil of indoor plants.
  • Wet clothes left in a washer can grow mold very quickly.
  • Keep firewood outside.
  • Use specifically designed allergy covers for bedding.
  • Your bedding should be washed weekly in hot water.
  • Do not allow smoking in your house.


Allergies can be the worst, but telemedicine can help.  As long as you aren’t facing a life-threatening allergic reaction, home treatment is likely all that’s needed.  Advice from a medical professional on how to treat the allergy can be very helpful.  And, telemedicine can help, without you having to go to the ER.  Sometimes all you need is to ask a doctor or nurse a few questions.  Why make a costly trip to the ER or end up waiting several days to be seen by a doctor.  Purchase a telemedicine membership and have access to medical advice all day, every day (even holidays!)


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